Rachel Budde, herbalist and owner of Fat and the Moon

Investigating the ways our ancestors harmonized with their environment is critical for our future. Vlasta Mlakar maps the spiritual connection with Nature embedded in Slovenian heritage. She illuminates traditions of the Sacred which resound in our bones, no matter what our background.

Isa Mea, environmentalist and author of The Time Is Now

We live in a time when the biodiversity of our planet is disappearing at an unimaginable rate. We are losing our direct connection to nature and our knowledge of the benefits it can offer humanity. Vlasta Mlakar’s book is therefore especially valuable in the way it links the wealth of Central European plant life with millennia-old ancestral knowledge of the diverse ways in which those plants can be used to our benefit. This gives us hope that, perhaps, we will recognise the value of the gardens of paradise in which we live before we destroy them for good.